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Civil mediation is the process whereby a neutral third party disputing parties assists the parties in resolving their dispute.
Personal Injury disputes, abor/Personnel disputes, ADA disputes, Real Estate disputes,


Divorce and paternity issues are some of the most sensitive an individual can face.
Mediation is private, so your family’s most personal matters never become an issue of public record.


Dispute is a regular part of the business world. Business professionals are focused on doing what is best for their company.
Some business mediations settle a dispute in as little as just a few hours.


Even after the most civil of divorce proceedings, post-divorce issues can often be challenging. Perhaps you or your former spouse are relocating to another city and need to work out a new custody arrangement. Maybe your former spouse’s job change has resulted in a significant change in income. Any life change after divorce can trigger the need to alter an existing divorce agreement.

Mediation makes it possible to implement post-divorce changes to the existing agreement in a fair and peaceful manner. Whether the initial arrangement was a hard-fought battle or things were settled fairly easily, mediation helps you make adjustments without disrupting everyone’s life. The process is efficient and affordable, and it allows you to get back to what matters most in your life.

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