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Civil mediation is the process whereby a neutral third party disputing parties assists the parties in resolving their dispute.
Personal Injury disputes, abor/Personnel disputes, ADA disputes, Real Estate disputes,


Divorce and paternity issues are some of the most sensitive an individual can face.
Mediation is private, so your family’s most personal matters never become an issue of public record.


Dispute is a regular part of the business world. Business professionals are focused on doing what is best for their company.
Some business mediations settle a dispute in as little as just a few hours.


Contracts are common in the business world, and unfortunately, they are also a common trigger for disputes. Despite a contract outlining the parameters of an arrangement, those involved in a contract might misinterpret different aspects of the document or might fail to fulfill the terms all together.

Mediation is an effective way to settle contract disputes because it gives both sides an opportunity to discuss their understanding of the contract. The process allows them to reach an agreement for fulfilling the contract that is fair and legal. Discussions during mediation are facilitated by an experienced mediator, so the focus remains on settling the dispute and resolving the issues at hand.

If you are involved in a contract dispute in Central Indiana, Steven Spence can help. Contact him at 317.571.1101 to schedule a mediation or to learn more about settling contract disputes with mediation.