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Civil mediation is the process whereby a neutral third party disputing parties assists the parties in resolving their dispute.
Personal Injury disputes, abor/Personnel disputes, ADA disputes, Real Estate disputes,


Divorce and paternity issues are some of the most sensitive an individual can face.
Mediation is private, so your family’s most personal matters never become an issue of public record.


Dispute is a regular part of the business world. Business professionals are focused on doing what is best for their company.
Some business mediations settle a dispute in as little as just a few hours.

The Mediation Alternative

Steven A. Spence and The Mediation Alternative are dedicated to assisting all parties (both individuals and businesses) in resolving all types of disputes (such as personal injury disputes, dissolution of marriage/post-divorce disputes, business disputes, ADA disputes to name a few) through mediation.

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The Magic of Mediation

Steven A. Spence – The Mediation Alternative